Why Edupreneurship

Kratives Zimmer

The world around us is changing and we must or may change with it.

The growth of information and knowledge in recent years has not been linear, but exponential, and we now need data centers of enormous capacity as well as sophisticated algorithms to somehow still keep the knowledge to be learned manageable and accessible to humans. (Source 1)

In our private and professional lives, we are constantly being asked to develop new skills:

  • Modern kitchens have a multifunctional oven; it can grill, bake bread, steam, cook, to name a few functions. Operating this multi-talent is one thing, but preparing good meals with it is another skill. How and where can we learn these baking skills?
  • In our everyday working lives, we manage data, organize ourselves into teams and master our working day in a digitalized working world. The question of how someone sorts their emails triggers exciting discussions. Today, communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams come into play. When and how do we use which communication channel? In short, new communication skills are needed.

These are just two of many possible examples. In the future, we will be required to continuously acquire new competencies. This will permanently change the way we understand education and deal with learning. The keyword is lifelong learning. It is likely that the knowledge explosion and the literal ubiquity of this knowledge via Internet-enabled devices in the hands of billions of people will dramatically change the role of knowledge brokers and educational institutions. (Source 1)

What is needed are people who help shape this change: Edupreneurs!

Edupreneurs are people who often come from the education sector and want to bring something new, a new competence, a new learning experience to their field of work by introducing new concepts and ideas and quite often developing their own business out of it. To date, edupreneurs tend to be an unknown or neglected pool of talent, ignored and neglected by a very change-resistant industry.

With the Meetup group Edupreneurship we start a platform for exchange, collaboration to open new educational spaces together.

Source 1: Zukunftsmarkt Digitale Bildung, FMG (2015): https://www.futuremanagementgroup.com/de/zukunftsmarkt-digitale-bildung/# (letzter Besuch: 28.01.2021).